Cindy’s Psychotherapy Services

The best way to determine if you want to work with me is to take advantage of my complimentary ‘getting to know each other’ session.  I believe that it is so important that you are able to trust your therapist that I offer this free session either in person, or over the phone, so you can get an idea of how it would be to work with me.  I am not for every one and am the first to admit that there are some issues that I don’t work well with and if this is so, I will do my best to offer other referrals for you.  (For couples and families, I will do a complimentary phone session with the key person to determine what the next step should be.)

For your complimentary session please contact Cindy at 310-890-9831, or email: to set up the appointment.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, my focus is on relationships. So whether or not I work with individuals or some other mixture of people, my focus is always on how the issue is impacting relationships with the family, work, or the relationship with the Self.


  1. Individual Therapy
         50 min. session = $150
         80 min. session = $175
  2. Couple & Family Therapy
         60 minute sessions = $175
         90 minute session (to encourage more useful longer sessions) = $225


Office visits are paid at time of service with cash or check or credit card.

Phone sessions are paid by credit card before the session.

Cindy is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California, therefore, she cannot do telephone sessions as a psychotherapist outside of California.  However, if you are not within California, you can have coaching sessions over the phone if that is appropriate.

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